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Calculations of salaries and allowances for employees

Need salary calculations and other employee benefits?

All you need to know are the provisions of the Labor Law, the Law on Compulsory Social Insurance Contributions, the General Private Sector Collective Agreement on the Economy and Other Collective Agreements, the Minimum Wage Law, the Personal Income Tax Act and the Law on Personal Income Tax. income tax. Or, simply contact us to get the job done for you while you continue to focus on your business and your organization!

You will receive a complete, accurate and timely calculation from the PRO, sent to you! The spreadsheet that you will hand over to your employees must include basic salary data, salary supplements (overtime, night hours, shift work, holiday work, weekday work, time off, etc.), work bonuses, etc. performance, deductions, salary deductions, etc.

In addition to salary calculation, you will also receive a full service for the calculation of other benefits and rewards to your employees: annual leave recourse, business travel allowance at home and abroad, use of your own car for business purposes, jubilee rewards, severance pay, payroll, etc. and advice on their tax treatment from the point of view of income tax (recognized or unrecognized expense of the payer) and from the point of view of personal income tax (whether and to what extent the payments are subject to personal income tax).

In addition, we offer operational services in the field of labor law related to ESA such as reporting and termination of full time employees on the basis of attached employment contract, as well as calculations and processing of calculations in the E-PDD system. PRO on the basis of income tax payments on deeds, copyright contracts and other payments to individuals subject to personal income tax.You will find prices for additional services at this link, while you can find salary calculators and other benefits here.