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The services that we offer

For legal entities

complete package of services: accounting, taxes, salaries, consulting etc.

  • Financial Accounting
  • Payroll calculations
  • Tax consulting and tax reports
  • Financial reports, budgeting, analysis and planning
  • Establishment of companies and NPOs (associations) - procedure for registration in CRM
  • Business consulting, business system implementation (ERP / EDI) advice, automation and procedures definition
  • Tax representative for VAT purposes in MacedoniaNEW
  • Operational-legal affairs related to CRM, UJP, FZOM, AVRM, DPI (applications-logged out of / from regular employment, changes of data in CRM, application for start of business etc.)
  • Forensic Expertise of Financial Documentation (Accounting, Material and Financial Operations)
  • Business plans for existing and new businesses
  • Trainings for your employees: tax, accounting, finance, KPU, specialized in-house training

For individuals

Training for students, analysts, accountants, entrepreneurs and administrators

  • Are you interested in starting a new company? With us you get the complete set of business and tax advice needed to set up a new business through a registration agent
  • You are a business owner who wants more control over your own business? Training on Macedonia's Tax Legislation and Accounting Basics is a Great Place to Start
  • Practical accounting training is also for all those planning a career in business administration, accounting and finance
  • For those who want a deeper knowledge of accounting: advanced accounting training
  • You want a career in credit analysis, stock trading or auditing - then you need knowledge of financial control and financial statement analysis. We offer financial analysis training using Excel tools!