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Tax advice, calculations and reports

As a Responsible Person for Your Company’s Operations You certainly do not have time to follow all the changes in the tax field. So let us help you. Be part of our email list and receive up-to-date and timely notifications of important tax law changes! We can provide advisory services, calculations and report submissions related to:

  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Personal Income Tax (DLD) and
  • Profit Tax (DD)

One of the most important questions in establishing a company is whether to register it for VAT purposes right from the beginning. We discuss this issue in detail with clients who register companies with us. Furthermore, in the operation of any legal entity, depending on the activity it performs, it may face a series of situations related to various aspects of the VAT Law which must be properly tested and properly planned, such as :

  • Whether or not there is a right to deduct previous VAT (Articles 33 to 35 of VAT)
  • Whether VAT exempt turnover is made (Article 24 of VAT)
  • Whether VAT exempt transactions are made without deduction (Article 23 of VAT)
  • Turnover assessment of services provided to foreigners (Article 14 of VAT)
  • Whether to use the reverse charge mechanism (Article 32-a of the VAT)
  • Evaluation of the fulfillment of the conditions for change of tax base (Article 22 of VAT)
  • Determination of tax base (Articles 16 to 21 of VAT) etc.

VAT - 04 (VAT report)

The filing of the standard VAT-04 application may be included in the cost of accounting records service for clients who pay a monthly lump sum for accounting services, but upon agreement, the service may also be paid upon submission. For those entities that are inactive and yet are registered in the VAT system, the VAT-04 related service is certainly charged upon filing.

The DLD is important in any payment to individuals on the basis of fees and fees on deed contracts, copyright agreements, lease agreements and so on. However, the DLD is also extremely important for some legal entity costs incurred in the form of “hidden payments”, free benefits, gifts or benefits to individuals above the minimum prescribed legal values ​​which may constitute income for individuals and which must be taxed with DLD.

DLDs can be extremely important in certain specific situations, such as census shortages, paying certain costs for non-payer employees, and so on.

In addition to advice for each specific situation from the point of view of DLD we also offer a service for calculation and submission of an electronic advance payment application for DLD in the e-PDD system for the price of 500 denars per application for up to 3 persons for which an advanced payment for DLD + 300 should be calculated MKD for each person (prices are without VAT).

CA is most closely related to accounting records, as the identified gain or loss on operating is the starting point for income tax. Furthermore, it is extremely important to assess whether all recorded expenses that reduce the profits are also tax-deductible expenses for profit tax purposes. It is also important to keep in mind all other tax categories that increase or decrease the tax base and the tax itself, as well as properly calculate and pay a yearly advance payment (DDB).

This law affects not only large companies but also micro traders, for whom there is a simplified tax regime as well as non-profit organizations for which special provisions exist.

More complex topics are covered within the Income Tax Law such as transfer pricing and withholding tax.

With us, every interested person can get timely information on what mechanisms for reducing the tax base and tax liability can use: reinvested profits, donations to sports, sponsorships in public interest organizations, etc.

Timely, up-to-date and reliable accounting records are the most important at any moment to have a basis to estimate how much yo
ur planned profit is at the end of the period, which is the basis for tax planning!

The filing of the annual income tax returns (in most cases DB and DB-HR) is charged together with the filing of the annual accounts and financial statements.