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Konto Profit is a Licensed Accounting Company (License No. 710045)

Micro, small or medium-sized enterprises, non-profit organizations (foundations) or foundations - Why would you choose to keep your company's internal accounting unit in a business world where outsourcing is becoming the norm? We are part of the value added chain of a number of Macedonian companies and non-profit organizations.

Accurate, precise, complete, comprehensive, timely recording of events in accordance with the adopted IAS and IFRS in Macedonia is our job, while it remains for you to focus on the success of your organization!

Here you can get the highest quality services:

  • financial accounting and reporting under IAS and IFRS
  • calculation of salaries
  • tax advice and tax reports

Minimum Orientation Monthly Rates for requested accounting services (actual quotes quoted per query may vary).

Prices refer to financial accounting, record of business events based on available documentation, payroll calculations and VAT-04 filing in due course.

The 13th annual fee, amounting to at least the monthly contractual fee, is required for the preparation of annual accounts and financial statements under the CTC and the filing of an appropriate tax balance under the Income Tax Act. All prices are VAT excluded.

Salary only (up to 20 employees, and more per contract) 750 den. by salary
Utilities (unregistered for VAT purposes) 3,000 den.
Service firms (3-month VAT payers, up to 3 employees) 4,500 den.
Services (VAT payers, up to 10 employees) 10,000 den.
Wholesalers and Retailers (Quarterly VAT Bonds) 9,000 den.
Wholesalers (monthly VAT bonds (25m annual turnover), up to 30 denar receipts and up to 50 inbound + outbound) monthly) 18,000 den.
Wholesalers and retailers (monthly VAT payers, over 15 employees, METG, PLT and ET, import-export, larger documentation) 26,000 den.
Manufacturing, Construction (monthly VAT payers, over 30 employees, job orders, planning price, METG) 32 000 den.

All prices are orientation, while a real quote requires you to explain your business model, the volume of accounting documentation, its complexity, and the tax implications of your work.

If you would like us to provide you with a specific offer to keep an accounting record on our part, please complete this form

Factors affecting the calculation preceding the quoted price, among others, are:

  • Number of domestic inputs and imports
  • Number of outgoing freight
  • Organizational form: trade company, PHI, association, sole proprietor, business activity etc.
  • Bookkeeping trading documents and additional services: material accounting, PLT and ET generation, management reports required, etc.
  • Number of cash registers
  • Number of sales locations (warehouses or retail outlets), ie number of subsidiaries
  • Number of employees
  • VAT maturity (monthly or quarterly VAT payer)
  • The complexity of the tax implications of the business
  • Activity (services, production, trade, construction, NPO, budget user or budget unit, etc.)
  • Number of bank statements (denar and foreign currency)
  • Number of functional transaction accounts in commercial banks
  • Average number of rows in one bank statement
  • Number and complexity of other documentation to be accounted for, etc.

Following the submission of the Request for Quotation, we calculate the working hours that will need to be allocated to meet your business needs and submit an appropriate quotation.

In addition to accounting, we may also offer other operational economic and legal services:

Additional services we can offer excluded TAX
Application for or termination of a regular employment at AVRM den 720
Sickness den 1.500
Submission of electronic PDD application for up to 3 persons den 500
In addition to each other person in the application den 300
VAT-01 in the UJP den 3.600
VAT-PEC-DO Submission (foreign projects) den 1.500
Tax offset / tax debt / cession procedure with UJP den 3.500
Tax deduction for the amount of reinvested earnings den 3.000
Procedure for donations in sports and reduction of calculated income tax den 3.000
Statistical Office Reports den 1.500
Change of manager in HRM (Macedonian person) den 6.500
Registration of a founding share in CRM (unpaid capital) den 6.500
Registration of a subsidiary in CRM den 5.000
Change the email address in CRM den 3.500
Change of seat (address) in CRM den 5.000
Registration of working hours den 1.200

Let us take care of your accounting records! Here at Accounting Profit, accounting is much more than an up-to-date record of your trading books, neatly filled tax returns, payroll and annual accounts and financial statement accounts.

Here financial accounting is the basis on which all relevant indicators are calculated and operations analysis performed.

Based on the analysis, later on when the balance sheet schemes are assembled, management teams are offered suggestions for improving their financial results in subsequent periods. Accounting analysis of financial statements is a necessary management tool for the normal operation of business entities. A realistic data in the financial statements is the result of proper accounting.

Neat, up-to-date, comprehensive and complete accounting is the basis for decision-making for every entrepreneur. With us you will always have a base for rational decision making and our tips will be the foundation for your tax and business planning!