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Founder's message

"I would really love the least if one did not identify with an ordinary accounting firm or a trendy center in which some, thinking that getting real economic-legal logistics in their business, learning or training, would just waste some of their precious time. KONTO PROFIT is much more than that! I'm really happy with my team and my biggest wish is to get as many people as possible out of what we can.

The best and most beautiful thing about starting your own company is that you begin to independently materialize the vision of the business you have been dreaming of, make final decisions and make independent judgments, which is important for any business venture, and in general for your entire business. Your material and spiritual well-being are almost complete in your hands. Apart from this personal satisfaction with your own business, you are well on your way to having the happiness and families whose members will work for your company while feeling their own.

But in order to achieve the goal in the business you have designed and planned, you must first say, "for me all clients will be treated equally", second: "I will approach the inevitable current problems in an analytical, self-critical way and with a creative approach, "and third:" I will constantly give my employees the confidence they need to understand that they must and can provide quality service to the client. "

Mission, Vision, Values


Your Only Partner and Complete Business Service in a Turbulent and Changing Environment: Accounting Profit exists to enable all clients to focus on what they do best! Concentrate on your core competencies, growth, development and profitability and let us advise and take care of all the associated administrative matters. We offer a complete suite of business services that cover all the needs of an organization in the areas of economic, legal, financial consulting, accounting, tax advice, employment counseling, representation in the PRO control bodies and a host of other activities which could save you valuable time and resources.


To reach the highest and most professional level of services in the Balkans and to become a leading house for accounting and consulting services and training of professional staff in the field of tax, accounting and financial operations in Macedonia that will be trusted not only by the business clients in the country but also and by foreign investors.


Macedonian warmth, hospitality and care for customer success, German persistence and professionalism and Japanese discipline and efficiency.

Our team

Angelko Grozdanov

Founder and general manager

Chief consultant

Lecturer responsible for practical accounting training

Budget accounting consultant internal audit of the accounting sector

[email protected]

MA Blagoja Grozdanov


Lecturer: Practical Accounting, Advanced Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis

General consultant

Authorized accountant

Authorized court expert (material, accounting and financial operations)

[email protected]

Valentina Jankovska

Consultant: Accounting and Taxes

Authorized accountant

Tax consultant

Lecturer at KPU

[email protected]

Trajanka Risteska

Consultant: salaries and benefits

Authorized accountant

Consultant for tax calculations when paying employee benefits

Salary calculations

[email protected]

Emilija Arsova Grozdanova

Authorized accountant

Authorized accountant

Tax calculations and reports

Financial analysis, plans and reports

Salary calculations

[email protected]

MA Ivana Ilikj

Authorized accountant and expert

Authorized accountan

Tax calculations and reports

Salary calculations

Certified Forensic Expert (Material, Accounting and Financial Operations)

[email protected]

Elena Donchevska Atanasovska

Legal Affairs, Registration Agent

Authorized registration agent

Operating services: reports and logs of full time employees, special procedures, certificates, etc.

Legal acts


[email protected]

MA Katerina Nikolova



Assistant in preparing financial and tax reports

MA Dragana Cheleva

Expert and business consultant

Business consultant

Budgeting and investment

Business plans

Certified court expert (material, accounting and financial operations)


How did we get started?

Training Company for Business and Consulting Services, KONTO PROFIT DOO Skopje, has been operating for 16 years. It is founded with 100% private equity by its shareholders - partners and spouses Marija Strezova Grozdanova and Angelko Grozdanov.

The main activity for which the company is officially registered in the State Statistical Office of the Republic of Macedonia is the Training of Professional Personnel for Businesses (School of Personnel Training for Practical Management of Financial and Material Accounting with Elementary Knowledge of Commercial and Labor Law, business secretaries and foreign languages, media reporters and speech).

To be known!

The beginnings of the founders' actions are several years before the formal legal registration of the business entity under the name KONTO PROFIT doo Skopje, more precisely since 1992, when the activities took place in the company GEMBAN whose development genesis continued to upgrade KONTO PROFIT doo Skopje.

Initial activities begin with doing business in the field of commercial and labor law, by providing accounting services with consulting advice to companies, and finally as a wholly-upgrading of these activities, to begin to transfer our acquired and tested knowledge through practice and experiences of all those interested in various professional profiles.

It was thus decided that all previous experience gained in providing economic legal, tax and accounting advice and accounting services, both in the professional services of former business giants and in newly established private enterprises or companies, would be transferred to new people as potential personnel for the needs of the economy in the country. This was the reason for the establishment of a training company for business and consulting services, KONTO PROFIT DOO Skopje, where besides the training of accountants, consulting and accounting services are provided to 80 companies of various activities.

Chamber of Accountants

Konto Profit DOO was the driver of the process of creation of the Chamber of Accountants of the Republic of Macedonia at the Union of Chambers of Commerce (MCC). We have been part of the founders of this chamber from the very beginning and are initiators and catalysts of several requirements and initiatives for the final regulation and institutionalization of accounting.

We believe that accounting is an activity that has sufficient human potential to achieve the level of self-regulation that our audit colleagues have already achieved, and we continue to work actively in this field.