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Registration of companies and associations

Take advantage of the benefits provided by the Company Law for registration of a company through a registration agent – Konto Profit DOOEL Skopje offers services in the field of business registration (establishment or registration in the relevant company register, non-profit organization and other organizational forms ).

The services we offer include:

  • Preparation of the founding act of the organization (contract / statement / statute) – 9,500 MKD + 18% VAT;
  • Enrollment in the appropriate registry of the Central Registry of Macedonia, until the Entry Decision – in a package with preparation of the founding act;
  • Intermediation and assistance in the procedure for opening a transaction and foreign currency in a bank of your choice – 1,500 denars + 18% VAT;
  • VAT Purpose Registration (VAT Filing 01 Application) – 3,000 MKD + 18% VAT;
  • Additional registrations, applications and filings (NBRM, State Market Inspectorate, State Labor Inspectorate, additional CRM filings, entry into craft chambers, etc.) – 3.500 denars + 18% VAT per filing;
  • If foreign individuals or legal entities participate in the organization’s ownership and management structure, the complete procedure covering the previous five points and the additional costs of translating the necessary documentation, postal services and stamping costs from 600 to 1,000 euros, depending on the number of persons and depending on whether they are legal or natural persons.

Before joining the company registration process you need fill out this form

A good tax advisor is here to make sure your state-owned company only pays what it has to pay – and not a penny more, not a penny less. As a good manager You certainly do not have time to follow all the tax changes in the law. So here we are! With us you will always have the basis for rational decision making and our tax advice will be the basis for your tax and business planning. With us you will have more than 20 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN TAXATION AND LEGAL ADVICE IN YOUR SERVICE!

  • legal and tax advice when registering
  • tax consulting, procedures and reports: VAT, personal income tax, income tax
  • banking operations
People who set up micro or small companies in our country usually have only one goal. And that is to finish the work around the establishment as soon as possible so that they can start working. In all the hurry there is a risk of missing out on very important decisions: cash or tangible assets, they must or may not immediately become taxpayers for the purposes of VAT, what will be the costs of at least one employee, what are the income tax rates and personal income tax … it’s about that – after all. The consequences, material, financial damages, unrest, etc., come later. Our goal is not to allow these people to be unpleasantly surprised and to be subject to superfluous costs from the outset. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing work morale from the start showing loss, unprofitable and unprofitable work, insolvency and so on. Rest assured that with good advice and initial analysis, with a little more effort, mind and patience, home entrepreneurs can make the initial profit. Foreign company founders have a completely different attitude to these things. They do not take a single step without providing a good consultant, a good accountant and a good tax advisor for their future or current business.