Your compass on the road to success!

Konto Profit is your only business partner that you can rely on in a turbulent and changing environment!

Konto Profit exists to allow its clients to focus on what they do best, while accounting, tax calculations and financial analysis, well you can leave that on us!

Focus on your core competencies, dedicate to the growth and development of your business, and your profits are guaranteed. Let us advise you and take care of all associated administrative matters. Let us to be your compass on the road to success!

What can we do for you?

For legal entities

complete package of services: accounting, taxes, salaries, consulting etc.

  • Financial Accounting
  • Payroll calculations
  • Tax consulting and tax reports
  • Financial reports, budgeting, analysis and planning
  • Establishment of companies and NPOs (associations) - procedure for registration in CRM
  • Business consulting, business system implementation (ERP / EDI) advice, automation and procedures definition
  • Tax representative for VAT purposes in MacedoniaNEW
  • Operational-legal affairs related to CRM, UJP, FZOM, AVRM, DPI (applications-logged out of / from regular employment, changes of data in CRM, application for start of business etc.)
  • Forensic Expertise of Financial Documentation (Accounting, Material and Financial Operations)
  • Business plans for existing and new businesses
  • Trainings for your employees: tax, accounting, finance, KPU, specialized in-house training

For individuals

Training for students, analysts, accountants, entrepreneurs and administrators

  • Are you interested in starting a new company? With us you get the complete set of business and tax advice needed to set up a new business through a registration agent
  • You are a business owner who wants more control over your own business? Training on Macedonia's Tax Legislation and Accounting Basics is a Great Place to Start
  • Practical accounting training is also for all those planning a career in business administration, accounting and finance
  • For those who want a deeper knowledge of accounting: advanced accounting training
  • You want a career in credit analysis, stock trading or auditing - then you need knowledge of financial control and financial statement analysis. We offer financial analysis training using Excel tools!

What can we train you for?

Practical accounting

From the establishment of LLC, through tax regulations, records of daily events based on real documentation (invoices, contracts, statements, import customs declarations, salary, fiscal accounts, etc.), until final records and annual account preparation (balance sheet and income statement).

Advanced Accounting

More complex accounting events and their tax treatment: capital gains and losses, financial approvals and indebtedness, expense, revaluation, impairment of fixed assets, records of breakdown, balances, breakdowns and shortages, production (plan and price), production etc.

Financial control and analysis of financial statements

Accounting is the alphabet of financial operations. It is the nervous system of every business entity. Go one step further and delve deeper into analyzing the financial statements generated in accounting. Learn how to make the right decisions by analyzing gross balances and closing sheets using MS Excel.

Why to choose us?

The best team

Young and experienced, energetic and efficient! Our team consists of four masters in economics, three graduate economists, one lawyer, and numerous outside collaborators!

Long tradition

We have been there for 25 years! Well-known in the market for our professionalism, reliability and timeliness! The family business of Mr Angelko Grozdanov extended by Mr Blagoja Grozdanov.

Everything in one place

Establishment of companies and associations, changes of CRM data, accounting, payroll calculations, tax reporting, consulting, operational legal services, forensics, KPU, training.